Alicia Keys’ Movement, Bare Face & Loving it

There’s no stopping a woman that has a fire in her eye, and Alicia Keys prove it! She’s always been an inspiring woman with her musical talents and her humble demeanor. Her last album was on fire when it was released and if you haven’t heard her newest single, you’re missing out. Everyone is bound to have something in common with her music. Alicia Keys never fails to come through for her fans and this time around she’s doing it bigger and better than ever before. She’s inspiring the world once again with a movement that makes a difference.

When mindfully depicting the struggles women go through when it comes to society and it’s oh so crucial ways of beauty and acceptance, she had an epiphany. It was so meaningful to her that she decided to not cover up anymore. Let’s not hide from our feelings, our dreams, the truth, and from our true selves any longer. Alicia Keys started this movement and brave men and women are following. It’s amazing to see people, bare face and beautiful. Who said that freckles and blemishes aren’t gorgeous? That’s what makes you, you! 

Alicia Keys' Movement

Everyone, near or far, even some well-known stars are coming out on social media saying how empowering it is to go without makeup and how good it makes them feel. The mainstream media has society so addicted to nonsense and the lies that we are blind to see true beauty when it’s staring right at us. Do you really believe eyebrows on fleek, contour, highlight, and matte black lipsticks is a sign of real beauty? Well, you shouldn’t. Makeup is supposed to enhance our true features, not mask them. Or we use makeup as a form of self-expression, but not used to hide who we are. You must admit how refreshing it is to see bare faces in social media of real people, freckles, blemishes, and all. I can appreciate a person in all of their glory and grace, can you?

Alicia Keys claims she’s never felt more invigorated before! She’s been uplifted with so much power and beauty that she’s never felt before. It definitely shows because this girl is on fire. She’s done a few shows and has been going to events, yes, with no makeup on and she looks incredible. It is also very inspiring to witness. She looks sincerely happy doing what she’s doing so we hope she continues with this movement. She’s making some hot moves right and everyone’s trying to copy her. No makeup is the new foundation of beauty.





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