Joyner Lucas Spits Ross Capicchioni’s Story

Back in 2000, Eminem released the hit song, Stan. It was nominated for multiple rewards and Rolling Stone Magazine ranked it #296 in their top 500 greatest songs of all time. If you enjoy rap, you would agree that Stan has placed a mark not only in the hip hop/rap genre but in American music as a whole.

Eminem creatively wrote that song to depict the kinds of crazy fan mail that he gets. Stan was a fictitious character, as far as we know, and the song’s story wasn’t based on any real events. Although, the song was a very great expression on Eminem’s part.

Up and coming rapper Joyner Lucas is making noise with his song “Ross Capicchioni”. It has been compared to Eminem’s Stan by renowned rapper Busta Rhymes. His craftsmanship is also being compared to elite rappers like Nas.

Joyner Lucas entered the rap/hip-hop game back in 2007 and he is still regarded as an up and coming rapper. But, with Ross Capicchioni and other hot tracks, he should be up there amongst rap’s elite very soon.

About The Song Ross Capicchioni

Joyner crafted the song Ross Capicchioni based on the inspirational true story of, yes, Ross Capicchioni. Ross’s near death experience after being a victim of a gang initiation murder attempt is crafted masterfully in his song and video.

To really appreciate the craftsmanship, watch Ross’s story first in his testament and mini-documentary:

To do a song to depict a story like that has to be done perfectly to be respectful and hold the grace of such an inspiring near-death testimony. Joyner, we think, has done that. That’s why he should be ranked amongst the elite of rappers.

But what do you think? Is this song worthy of being in the ranks of Eminem’s Stan and placing Joyner closer to being amongst the elite?

Watch Joyner Lucas’s Ross Capicchioni here:

Viewer Discretion Is Advised

In any case, much respect to Ross Capicchioni for an inspirational story. And big ups to Joyner for sharing his story with us.

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