Mr. Graham – All About Drake

Mr. Graham - All About Drake

A Drake Song Title Mashup

Written By Christa B. of Honolulu Auto Detail

He gained recognition with the hot teen show Degrassi: The Next Generation, was known for popularizing the phrase YOLO in one of his songs, and even has the most awesome dance moves, ever. You know who I’m talking about, right? This artist ‘Started From the Bottom’ and has always just wanted to be ‘Successful’. It took a lot of ‘Practice’ and it isn’t ‘Childs Play’.

This Canadian rapper went from ‘0-100’ and it seems like it will never be ‘Over’. He literally has ‘Shut it Down’. He’s so ‘Fancy’ that he’s been all over the ‘Headlines’, haven’t you seen him? Yes, he has some ‘Trust Issues’ but he follows ‘The Motto’. He tells his fans to Follow the ‘Hype’ and ‘Pop Style’!

A Drake Song Title Mashup

He can be a little ‘Too Much’ but you have to salute him for his ‘Fire & Desire’. People say his music is just like ‘Fireworks’.

He teaches to really ‘Know Yourself’ and ‘Own It’. It’s the ‘Furthest Thing’ from perfect but as an actor and singer, he will continue to ‘Come Thru’. He’s been ‘Up All Night’ dropping albums ‘Back to Back’. He’s been on his ‘Worst Behavior’ but his ‘Energy’ is always making you want to ‘Jumpman’. His music is ‘Unforgettable’ and will stick around ‘Now & Forever’. He is ‘Still Here’ today, ‘Forever’ will be a ‘Legend,’ and ‘If You’re Reading This Right Now, It’s Too Late’.

Drake has a unique rapping and singing ability. He has been able to fuse R&B with Canadian hip hop to egotistical complex lyrics. His dancing as you should already know is popular as well. Hotline Bling has brought his a lot of attention on social media with people adding parodies and memes to mock his eccentric choices in dance moves.

Drake Artist Bio

He’s been through a few legal issues but he usually gets them straightened out and out of his way. He’s released seven albums or album related music titles and it doesn’t look like he is going to stop any time soon. Find him on tour, his most recent being his Summer Sixteen Tour with Future. If you are looking for a good laugh watch his episodes in Saturday Night Live.

Listening to his music you will hear his strive. He didn’t necessarily grow up easy and he acted to support his mother his ill mother at the young age of fifteen years old. He supported his family further by chasing his dream of music and growing into the man he is today. He now produces music, writes, raps, sings, and acts. He’s an inspirational person that people have adopted to have a hate and long relationship with. His success is undeniable. With his determination and faith, his fame and fortune was inevitable.





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