Sia’s “The Greatest”: Tribute to Orlando Shooting

Sia's "The Greatest": Tribute to Orlando Shooting

Sia never ceases to amaze her fans or the world for that matter when it comes to her music. Her whole identity and existence seem to be a mystery yet so artistically put together and portrayed. She has recently released a new music video for her song, “The Greatest,” and it sure is getting a lot of publicity about what it evokes. On September 6th, it has made its debut and a lot of people has had a lot to say about it.

I first watch it in a limo during an airport transport to a hotel on a Hawaii vacation. Yes, it was that engaging.

Sia never openly admits the connection between her music video and the Orlando Nightclub Shooting that claimed it’s forty-nine victims. It is also up to the consumer to interpret her artistic expression as they please. But if you look closely to the details of the video you would likely see a thread a connectivity to the incident back in June. It could be as deep or simple as you think it is.

If you haven’t already witnessed one of Sia’s music videos before, you should know she doesn’t star in any of them. Rather, she uses a young girl by the name of Maddie Ziegler. The video starts with Maddie tearing, rubbing rainbow makeup down her cheeks. The video goes on with forty-nine other actors that she wakes up from the dead. Coincidence or not, you say. She then leads them out of what looks like, a jail cell. The actors come alive from their death, almost liberated, and are lead to a room, where they dance, flirt, and converse.

At the most epic moment of the video, they all come together and jump up and down at their highest points of bliss, only to fall together to their death. Which then reveals a bullet-ridden wall behind them. You will also notice the other details in the room. It’s red colored lights and disco ball lights meant to resemble a nightclub maybe? It ends with Maddie crying over the death of these people.

Have a look for yourself. How do you interpret Sia’s work of art? It is art, isn’t it?

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